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TalentQuest for Teams

Revolutionize Your Workflow with TalentQuest for Microsoft Teams and Outlook

ATLANTA, GA — TalentQuest is thrilled to announce the launch of its innovative integration with Microsoft Teams and Outlook, transforming the way organizations manage talent and collaborate daily. This new integration allows users to access the TalentQuest (TQ) Platform directly from Microsoft Teams or Outlook, eliminating the need to open a browser or leave the systems they use daily. The solution works seamlessly across all devices, providing users with Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication for enhanced security and convenience.

With the fully embedded TQ experience within Microsoft Teams, users can leverage chat for real-time notifications, reminders, and week-at-a-glance views, ensuring that tasks and deadlines are always visible. Managers can access 1:1 Check-Ins and provide feedback directly within Teams Meetings, facilitating seamless performance management and fostering continuous improvement. Later this year, TalentQuest will release an embedded 1:1 Check-In experience within a Teams Meeting, further enhancing the user experience, reducing friction, and driving collaboration and feedback.

The integration with Microsoft Outlook offers a similar fully embedded experience. Employees can toggle effortlessly between email, calendar, and TQ from Outlook, enhancing productivity by keeping all essential tools within easy reach. Whether employees are working in Teams or Outlook, the TQ platform is available to support them at every step.

One of the most exciting aspects of this integration is the incorporation of AI-powered solutions. TalentQuest will introduce an AI chatbot that provides week-at-a-glance views for employees and answers HR, performance, and talent management-related questions. Additionally, an AI bot will automatically curate e-learning content and map it to organizational competencies or values, closing the loop between performance and development. To streamline performance reviews, an AI-driven writing assistant offers suggested comments tailored to each person and part of the review, making the review process more efficient and effective.

By embedding the TQ Platform in Microsoft Teams and Outlook, TalentQuest aims to drive adoption and increase efficiency across organizations. Tasks and notifications delivered through Teams are more likely to be completed promptly, leading to better usage of tools, timely completion of performance reviews, talent management activities, and learning and development. Managers and executives can monitor team progress and task completion through high-level dashboards, providing valuable insights into organizational performance and development.

This seamless, secure, and insightful integration is designed to enhance operational efficiency and foster a collaborative work environment. Organizations can expect significant improvements in productivity, engagement, and overall performance with the TalentQuest integration for Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

For more information on how TalentQuest’s Microsoft Teams and Outlook integration can benefit your organization, schedule a call with our team.

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