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Build learning experiences that provide impactful learning.

Whether your goal is to assert knowledge, grow skills, or modify behaviors, a blended approach can increase retention considerably. At TalentQuest, our blended learning solutions incorporate relevant content shared through the most effective training delivery methods, ensuring the material is successfully absorbed, retained, and implemented by learners.

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Impactful Learning Solutions

Grab an individual learner’s attention through interaction

Enable experimentation & learning by doing

Exploit the most natural way of learning: play

Available to learners when they need to be repeated

Our Approach

Precision Learning Design is an innovative approach that takes into account individual differences in people’s learning styles and preferred learning environments, to deliver performance outcomes. Our innovative approach gives our clients the data required to provide prescriptive training that enhances the competency outcomes of the learner.

Learn It

3-5 minute micro-learning videos of foundational concepts

Complete learning in minutes instead of hours or days.

Retain It

4-hour intensive application workshops

In the workshops, TalentQuest instructors effectively address the concerns of every individual user.

Sustain It

Micro video topic / tool summaries AND micro video refreshers

Once learners learn something from the instructor in the workshop sessions, they can be given online modules for further learning.

Translation and Localization Services

Engage learners around the globe with high-impact, cost effective translation and localization services.  Full translation and voiceover services in over 60 languages ensure content is both culturally and regionally appropriate for learners. 

Improve the effectiveness and engagement of your learning and reinforce your brand with multilingual, globally relevant solutions.

Translation And Localization Services

Learn how blended learning can be used in the real world

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