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Reward your talent.

Information gathered through 360° surveys, also called a 360 review or 360-degree feedback is the launching point for effective professional development. By identifying what your employees’ strengths, you can move the right person into a new positions, or team project. When you can make decisions based on strengths, employees feel more competent, and the organization becomes more efficient and productive.

What is a 360° survey?

Accelerate Growth Through Increased Self-Awareness

Improve self-awareness and gain a greater understanding of strengths and limitations. Provide your managers with a clearer view of employee potential, and give employees the opportunity to understand how the company views their work.

Create Your Own or Use Ours

Customized 360° surveys based on your organization’s competency framework helps to ensure a more accurate measurement of an employee’s potential within your company. We can also provide various research based 360’s for you to use, for various roles.

Personalized Development Plans Based on Peer Feedback

Gathering feedback from peers and coworkers helps organizations focus more directly on the skills and contributions that an employee makes so that you can more accurately identify targeted competencies and behavior development plans.

Ease Administration Through Automated Rater Nomination and Custom Workflows

Configure your survey’s workflow to meet your organizations unique needs and processes. You decide what works for you – the nomination/approval method for raters, automated notifications and reminders, and the timeline for the survey process.

Learn how 360° surveys can be used in the real world

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