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The strength of any organization depends on the strength of its business strategy and the strength of the people within the organization who will execute that strategy. The ability to select the talent who will be most effective in your organization, followed by the ability to best manage and support their continued growth and development is critical to a successful talent strategy. TalentQuest provides the kind of support needed to help you select, develop, and ensure retention of the best talent for strong organizational health and functioning.

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Competency Development

Competency models help an organization to clearly identify those critical skills, abilities or behaviors that are necessary to propel high performance for the organization – both today and into the near future. At TalentQuest, we excel in working side-by-side with business leaders to help successfully design new, or optimize existing, Competency Models. Our expertise includes proven design principles and methodology that our Consultants apply to your organization for optimal talent applications and business outcomes.

Business Alignment

TalentQuest consultants work with you to develop custom competencies that align to your current and future business challenges and to your desired culture, overall helping to ensure the competency model reflects the most critical behaviors to support your business success.

Deep Engagement

Competency models are only useful if critical stakeholders understand them and commit to using them. TalentQuest partners with you to identify these key stakeholders, and helps you successfully navigate through this complex process, building the required commitment along the way.

Clearly Defined Objectives

Our approach incorporates consulting and expertise to help make decisions aimed at what will work best for your organization. By defining specific objectives up front, you will be better positioned to make optimal competency design decisions.

Organizational Survey Design & Analysis

In today’s agile work environments, the desired business and organizational outcomes can change rapidly, and be achieved in multiple ways. Companies today understand the value of data, in particular as it relates to informing and guiding important business decisions. At TalentQuest, our consultants work closely with you to design and execute a variety of organizational surveys, which ultimately help collect the data you need to inform key business and leadership decisions.

Valuable Survey Data

From culture, to perceptions of leadership impact, to measures of overall employee engagement, and more – through best in class organizational survey design and execution, TalentQuest helps you gather the data most relevant to your business needs.

Our Approach

At TalentQuest, not only are we better positioned to gather the most useful data, we leverage our consultants’ expertise to complete a thorough analysis, which your organization can then use to build a more effective action plan.

Succession Consultation

A key component of any Talent Management strategy, Succession Planning helps organizations identify leaders and implement development plans. In combination with our Succession Planning software, TalentQuest consultants’ help companies facilitate necessary dialogue with your managers, and take the actions necessary to provide developmental experiences that test the capabilities of your future leaders.

Leadership and Business Alignment

Leverage objective data for the review and development of talent, which helps to ensure your organization’s plan for leadership growth is aligned with your plan for business growth.

Put Bench Strength to Work

At TalentQuest, we not only work with you to assess and identify the bench strength required for future leadership needs, we take it one-step further to help you further build bench strength through planning and management.

Talent Selection and Planning

Assessments are a great predictor of job success, but even better is when you augment assessment insights with Peak Performer Profiles (or Benchmark Profiles) and Behavioral Interview Guides. These tools help organizations identify the critical skills, abilities, or behaviors that one must possess in order to best ensure success, and also make accurate predictions about who is more likely to succeed in a specific role.

Proven Process

To create Peak Performer profiles, we let data and statistics be the guide. Combining various performance based data with the data from TalentQuest’s behavioral assessment, our Ph.D. or I/O Psychologists are able to identify which characteristics, and at which strength, will be most likely to be effective in any given role.

Reliable. Valid. Scientifically Sound.

Using a standardized, criterion based approach to creating these peak performer profiles is considered to be best practice and a scientifically sound approach to identifying what good looks like in your organization.

Improve Interview Effectiveness

Behaviorally based interviewing is one of the more valid and reliable ways of interviewing candidates. TalentQuest’s approach allows for less objectivity and more consistency across interviewers, thus resulting in a more effective interview process and, ultimately, more successful selection decisions.

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