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Effective skills development in minutes.

TalentQuest is pleased to offer a new series of off-the-shelf content collections designed to help leaders and managers acquire the skills they need to guide, inspire, and motivate their teams. Each of the courses reflects our expertise in content creation and curation, with an emphasis on providing tools that can be easily applied in the workplace.

Utilizing the most up-to-date technology and learning principles, the content is designed and delivered in a way that effectively engages cognitive and emotional learning centers through scenario-based microlearning, space training and knowledge testing – all in a way that primes the learner for behavior change.

TQ Content 4U Course Library
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TQ Content 4U

Features & Benefits

Micro-Learning Modules

Each lesson is delivered in 15 minutes or less with rich animations and voice-overs, designed to enrich the learning experience including introductions, case studies, summaries, Q&A, and surveys.

Notes and Printable Transcripts

Take notes online as you complete each course, then easily print with the course transcript.

Video-Based Learning

Engaging videos with less text content allows the user to absorb and retain information more effectively.


Whether for a single course or the entire curriculum, each provides a certification of completion. A great way to show your employees that you value not only their skills, but also the time they have dedicated to their development.


Built fully responsive (RWD) with HTML5, all courses can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device.

SCORM Cloud-Based

Complete courses on your LMS, or TalentQuest’s.

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