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Transform Talent Management with Behavioral Science.

TQ TALENT INSIGHTS™, gives your managers and employees the intelligence that empowers them to do their best work.

TalentQuest has developed proprietary behavioral assessments, a competency framework and a unique approach to delivering TQ TALENT INSIGHTS™. This industry-first solution elevates the development, engagement, and retention of employees in ways that other products cannot.

We are the only company that has successfully embedded these powerful talent intelligence tips into the entire Talent Management process – accessible in a variety of critical touchpoints throughout the employee lifecycle. This is the strategic solution that will engage and optimize your workforce.

Behavioral Science in Action

Manage, Coach, and Develop Like a Pro

Equip and inform managers with real talent intelligence that encourages, inspires and creates a great employee experience. With TQ TALENT INSIGHTS™, your employees will know that you care about them.

Focused on Individuals and Teams

Build agility into your leaders and teams. Make better decisions, matching teams and individuals to the soft skills it will take to drive business objectives.

Virtual Coach

Integrated throughout TalentQuest’s Talent Management platform, TQ TALENT INSIGHTS™ provides the tools and data that show leaders how to improve on their own. Insights and tips right in the application that coach your managers based on behavioral cues.

Simulate and Build High-Performing Teams

Imagine if you could look at the insights and find clusters of people who are alike. With TQ TEAM BUILDER™ you can model new teams and predict their performance, simulate the impact candidates will have on existing teams, model succession scenarios, and more.

NEW! Personalized Guidance

The Personal Insights Report helps any employee understand how their traits and behaviors impact them and those around them. For every characteristic, the report provides individualized development resources to help them be more purposeful in directing their behaviors .

Easy & Proven Insights

Candidate Insights

Assess individual behaviors and competencies to identify strengths and challenges, and workplace skills.

Select the best candidates.

Use TQ TEAM BUILDER™ to simulate how candidates or existing employees will affect the current team, so that you can more successfully select the right person, for the right team.

Create learners who have an understanding of their strengths and challenges.

Employee Insights

NEW!  Equip every employee with the self-awareness needed to understand how their behaviors impact them and those around them.

Build employee capabilities and relationships with supervisors.

Create meaningful conversations that inspire teams to achieve their goals.

Provide employees and managers with personalized developmental tips, and guidance.

Improve communication with employees.

Make managers better coaches.

Team Insights

Based on the unique behavioral characteristics of each individual, TQ TEAM INSIGHTS™ informs managers of the distinct advantages and disadvantages that their team possesses – providing a more holistic understanding of team dynamics and creating even more benefits for building high performing teams, career pathing, and succession and talent planning.

TQ TEAM INSIGHTS™ takes the individual personality of each team member into account, identifies the typical work style of the team as a whole, and provides suggestions on how to manage them more effectively.

Learn how TQ Talent Insights™ can be used in the real world

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