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Attack Of The Learning Acronyms -> MOOCs Vs. CBL

Attack of the Learning Acronyms -> MOOCs vs. CBL

April 19, 2022
Think about your organization's learning culture. What are you doing to cultivate an experience that delivers the best outcome for all employees. If you are limiting their options, it's quite possible that some of your employees are now working somewhere else!
Hard Skills Are So Yesterday.

Hard Skills Are So Yesterday.

Have the events of the last couple of years gotten to a point where organizations are changing their new hire selection criteria? Much is being discussed about Power Skills. How are these ‘soft skills’ influencing your hiring decisions?
WWTD  – What Would Taylor Do?

WWTD – What Would Taylor Do?

January 11, 2022
Life lessons can come from unexpected places. Who do you look to for guidance in your professional (and personal) life? Is it a family member, a colleague, or the 8th best music artist of all time (According to Billboard Magazine)? Regardless of who, find someone who you trust and who aligns with your values and goals.
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