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Make critical hiring and promotion decisions.

Getting a deeper understanding of a candidate’s natural personality traits and behavioral characteristics in conjunction with real-world examples of how these characteristics may get expressed in the workplace is an ideal way to help organizations make better hiring and succession planning decisions. Using assessments, you are more likely to find those individuals that have the soft skills and leadership abilities you are looking for.

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Executive Assessment

Leadership effectiveness requires more than just technical expertise. How one leverages that technical expertise or, better yet, how one leverages that expertise in others can be the differentiator for leadership effectiveness. Taking the opportunity to understand leaders at a deeper level, including all of the factors that influence a leader’s impact, can be a valuable tool in ensuring you bring the “right” leaders into your organization as well as making sure you are building the leadership bench needed to sustain organizational impact.

Science Based Approach

Our Consultants combine validated psychometric instruments, robust semi-structured interviews, and a deep understanding of the organization or role, as needed, to most accurately assess a candidate’s personality and their potential cultural fit.

Retain Key Executives

Such a thorough understanding of an individual within their leadership context allows the participant to gain tremendous insight around his or her developmental opportunities. Each Executive Assessment report prepared by a TQ Consultant includes targeted, relevant, and actionable suggestions and recommendations to facilitate ongoing leadership development for the individual while supporting broader succession management needs of the organization.

Remote Executive Assessment

With our unique remote assessment process, we leverage online behavioral assessments and video conferencing technology to successfully engage candidates, virtually anywhere. As a result, TalentQuest’s Remote Executive Assessments increase efficiencies and add flexibility, while still providing the same level of insight and information as our more traditional Executive Assessments.

Simulation Based Assessment

TalentQuest Consultants partner with organizations to create custom “Day in the Life” simulations for specific roles or levels of leadership. As the name implies, these simulations are role-play based scenarios grounded in customized organizational language and competencies, and are used as a valid means of assessing an individual’s capabilities in a particular area.

Predict Performance

By getting a feel for how somebody will behave in a simulated reality, it allows for stronger predictions about their performance when actually placed in that role.

Select and Develop Leaders

Custom designed to meet the needs of each organization, TalentQuest simulation assessments are a valid approach for selecting and developing leaders in an organization.

360° Multi-Rater Assessment

TalentQuest’s 360° Feedback Certification Program was developed to help organizations and managers interpret the TalentQuest 360° Feedback Report, conduct meaningful feedback sessions, and more effectively leverage the extensive data contained in the tool for developmental purposes. In just one day, you will gain a deeper understanding of how you can create the best experience for your employees, and the optimal results for your organization.

Interpret Reports Like an Expert

The 360° Certification Program provides participants with all of the information needed to accurately interpret reports, with additional opportunity to practice and hone the skills necessary to conduct successful feedback sessions.

Learn Best Practices

Understand best practices related to the administration and execution of 360° surveys, and the most effective use cases.

Kick-Start Employee Development

In this workshop, TalentQuest will teach you how you can leverage 360° feedback conversations to kick-start meaningful development plans.

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