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Revolutionize your learning with creative, immersive, interactive, and experiential learning

VR training & learning experiences mimic real-life applications and introduce scenarios that are difficult to replicate, at scale, in real-life.

Allow TalentQuest’s full-service immersive learning experts bring your learning to life. Experienced 3D modelers create state-of-the-art simulators and 3D assets that can be rendered as traditional learning, virtual reality simulators, augmented reality applications, and more. All data is tracked and reported, allowing you to assess real-time risk and enable you to apply learning that can reduce or prevent negative outcomes like loss of time, resources, or worse.

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Immersive Technology

At the forefront of immersive VR training & learning, TalentQuest offers best in class technologies and assists our clients in evaluating the right technology for the proper use case ensuring powerful and engaging experiences.

3D Quality. Best Reality.

From a picture, blueprint or just about any other format – we design high quality, realistic 3D objects and environments that are used in our immersive products, and which can also be used across all learning platforms (print, eLearning, video animations, computer simulations, and AR/VR/MR).

Active Learning. Engaged Users.

The old maxim – “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” is at the heart of immersive learning’s ability to create greater engagement, quicker paths to competency and improved retention.

Scalable and Cost Effective

TalentQuest’s immersive learning solutions are scalable across global organizations, easily distributable and extremely cost effective, bringing an incredible ROI to every project.


TalentQuest increases your visibility into your employee skills, abilities and engagement by collecting detailed data on the user experience and presenting it through custom backend data visualization and reporting features.

Translation and Localization Services

Engage learners around the globe with high-impact, cost effective translation and localization services.  Full translation and voiceover services in over 60 languages ensure content is both culturally and regionally appropriate for learners. 

Improve the effectiveness and engagement of your learning and reinforce your brand with multilingual, globally relevant solutions.

Translation and Localization Services

What makes us special?

TalentQuest has designed and built custom learning solutions for a range of clients. From airlines to food services to healthcare to transportation and more – see some of our excellent work here.

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