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SmartProfiles: Elevate Your Talent Selection 

We are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation – SmartProfiles. With this groundbreaking feature, TalentQuest is taking talent management to a whole new level, and we can’t wait to share the excitement with you all.  

🌐 Unleashing the Power of an Extensive Assessment Database: 

Before SmartProfile, organizations could only use fixed profiles based on a snapshot of their own company’s data. But we’ve revolutionized the game! Our extensive job taxonomy spans the entire job spectrum, making it possible to create dynamic profiles that draw real-time insights from industries and occupations worldwide and are automatically updated on a regular basis. 

🌍 Talent Insights in Real Time: 

With SmartProfiles, you now have access to real-time talent insights from candidates across companies, industries, and occupations. We can compare your candidate to professionals in the same job and industry, regardless of their company. The power of this feature lies in its ability to provide you with a broader and more comprehensive view of talent on a similarity scale. 

🎯 The Power of the Similarity Index: 

SmartProfiles is a game-changer for your organization. The TQ Similarity Index has proven to play a crucial role in retention and performance. Our data shows that candidates with a Similarity Index of 80 or above have an average increase of nearly 2 years in tenure! Imagine the millions of dollars saved through significant retention gains. 

 💼 Elevate Your Talent Selection and Succession Planning: 

SmartProfiles empowers you with the ability to compare candidates to your top performers, as well as top performers from the industry. This means you can identify the perfect fit for your team and ensure your talent pipeline is always filled with high-potential individuals. Increase your chances of hiring a top performer when you use SmartProfiles. 

📈 Performance Boost with SmartProfiles: 

Not only does SmartProfiles help you in selecting the right candidates, but it also supercharges employee performance. Our data reveals that employees with similarity scores above 90+ outperform those with scores below 80 by nearly 20%. Achieve peak performance within your organization! 

Are you ready to redefine talent selection in your organization? SmartProfiles is here to revolutionize your hiring and development journeys and drive success like never before. 

Reach out to our team today to unlock the full potential of SmartProfiles and elevate your talent strategy to new heights.  

For more information, feel free to contact us here. 


The TalentQuest Team 🌟 


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