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Create effective and engaging learning opportunities.

Opportunities to learn and develop are an expected part of today’s business world. Trained employees experience greater job satisfaction and stronger performance – resulting in improved business results. But employees want more than proficiency. They want to grow in their abilities and make a difference in their jobs. You need a modern learning platform that facilitates better learning opportunities and experiences – one that focuses on the individual learner and their needs.

Experience Learning

Provide a Personalized Learning Experience for Every Employee

Equip managers with the ability to set individualized learning plans for professional training and growth.

Upskill Your Workforce with Targeted Learning Based on Competency Gaps

Not only can you link LMS courses to company competencies, our connected learning and performance management applications enable you to automatically recommend courses to the manager, and to the employee, as an item to enroll in to help bridge identified competency gaps.

Measure Knowledge Gain via Built-In Assessments and Surveys

Managers can easily identify additional courses and required development opportunities with our built in assessment tool including comprehensive tracking and scoring capabilities.

Leverage All Types of Content

Organize and store all types of content in one place – including immersive and interactive learning media such as virtual reality, 3D simulations, gamification and augmented reality.

Engage Your Learners with Badges and Gamification

Gamification functionality lets you create contests for your employees with goals, leaderboards, and badge awards.

Learn how learning tools can be used in the real world

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