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The TalentQuest Difference

Your business success depends on your ability to hire, manage, develop and retain top talent. At TalentQuest, we provide solutions that help you do just that – manage the entire employee life cycle. From recruiting and behavioral assessments to performance and learning to compensation and succession – our Talent Management platform is an easy to use, everything you need, all in one solution.

And like no other, it’s fueled by behavioral science and our proprietary Talent Insights™. It understands the dynamics of individuals and teams. It personalizes learning experiences for individual employee development. A virtual coach that helps managers be more effective leaders.

Get the right people in the right positions. Develop better managers. Create the best teams.

A Talent Management solution that understands people!

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The TalentQuest Lifecycle

If employees truly are your greatest asset, you’ve come to the right place. Our talent management solutions help you manage your employees throughout the entire employee lifecycle – from hiring the very best, to managing and developing them on a daily basis, to promoting and retaining them for the long haul.

TalentQuest Talent Management System Employee Selection


Hiring employees that are the right fit for your culture and positions can be a challenge. TalentQuest's Recruiting solutions are designed to help you attract, select, and onboard the very best employees for your culture and organization.
TalentQuest Talent Management System Employee Management


Clearly setting expectations and providing frequent and consistent feedback is a must in today’s workplace. TalentQuest's Management solutions are designed to help ensure your managers are equipped with the knowledge, insight and talent management tools to get the most out of each employee.
TalentQuest Talent Management System Employee Development


The ongoing health of your organization depends on your ability to help your employees grow and develop. TalentQuest's Development solutions are designed to help ensure you provide a consistent learning experience and targeted development for each employee.
TalentQuest Talent Management System Employee Retention


There's nothing more frustrating than seeing great talent walk out the door. TalentQuest's Retention solutions are designed to help ensure that you know who is at risk and what you need to do to keep the valuable people that you have worked so hard to select, manage and develop.

Some of the World’s Leading Companies Use TalentQuest

TalentQuest serves organizations of all sizes, industries and geographic locations with talent management solutions that empower companies to effectively select, manage, develop and retain the best talent. Here are just a few of the loyal clients we serve:
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