Self-paced and fully interactive training.

TalentQuest’s iInteractive eLearning keeps learners engaged at every step. With a modern, web-based interface, video, animation, gamification, and interactive exercises, we create compelling learning experiences with content designed to help you acquire the skills you need, and drive business success.

Highly Engaging Content

Basic conversion of print media into an electronic format with added graphics has limited benefits. The most effective learning solutions incorporate strong design, feature enrichment, and technological input that transforms learning into an interactive and memorable experience.

Improved Training Effectiveness

Ensure employees observe what they were trained to do using the various assessment scenarios TalentQuest provides.


Innovative, interactive digital content that turns passive observers into active, hands-on participants.

Bloom’s Taxonomy Levels of Learning

Achieve necessary knowledge and skills development with eLearning content created using a variety of Blooms Taxonomy and media styles.

Bloom’s Taxonomy Levels

Level 1

These courses are referred to as “Page-Turners” and have very little or basic interactivity such as play/pause, next, and back buttons. They are SCORM/AICC compatible.

Some of the strategies applicable to Level 1 courses include:

  • Simple page-turner courses using default templates and functionalities
  • Micro-learning courses
  • Mobile learning job aids and quick-reference guides
  • Simple MCSS or MCMS assessments and CYUs

Level 2

These courses include limited interaction with graphics, animations, interactivities and basic quiz questions – for example: drag-and-drop, matching.

Some of the strategies applicable to Level 2 courses include:

  • Courses having tabs, rollovers, and other interactivities
  • 2D animations
  • Simple decision making
  • Assessments including custom MCSS, MCMS, drag-and-drop, and fill-in-the-blanks
  • Simple scenarios and case studies
  • Application training with Show Me option

Level 3

These courses, also referred to as gamification learning, are designed with high-impact graphics, highly recharged interactivities, complex animations, self-checks, and practice exercises with a greater level of sophistication.

Some of the strategies applicable to Level 3 courses include:

  • Mix of 2D and 3D animations
  • Application simulation having Show Me, Try Me, and Test Me options
  • Courses having gaming elements
  • Complex scenarios
  • Decision making with branching options
Our Approach

TalentQuest’s thorough project management, project communication, and quality assurance processes work together to create a governance model to ensure project success.

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