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Talent Management Software

Smarter. More Effective Talent Management.

TalentQuest makes it easy for companies to manage their employees and help them grow. TQ combines talent management software and focused learning to improve the talent management experience. We help you understand the quality of new hires, aid in developing strong relationships between employees and managers, and assist with helping teams learn new skills.

Our Talent Management system is modern and user-friendly. It includes behavioral assessments, performance management, employee development, talent planning, and more. All of these features are available on a cloud-based platform that works well on mobile devices.

At TalentQuest, we know that keeping employees engaged and productive is essential for businesses. That’s why we help companies create important moments for their employees, from the moment they’re hired until they retire. Our Talent Management approach is designed to drive real performance and success for everyone involved, including employees, managers, HR, and the organization as a whole.

Built for Your Team

TalentQuest’s Talent Management software provides a comprehensive platform for performance and goal management, coaching and development, talent and succession planning – all focused on driving team performance, not just building individual competencies.

Modern Talent Management at Your Fingertips

Our Talent Management software is designed to meet your employees where they are. Improve your organizational performance by providing intuitive, easy to use, mobile friendly tools – accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Measure and Develop Competencies, Capabilities, and Skills

Bringing talent management and learning systems together in one platform, we can prescriptively target competency and skill gaps identified throughout the talent management processes, supporting the enhanced effectiveness of employees for current and future roles.

Targeted Development and Prescriptive Guidance

Empower managers and leaders with prescriptive guidance on how to best communicate, coach, manage, and develop your employees.

Leverage the Power of Talent Insights

At TalentQuest, we are the only ones that provide talent intelligence built right into our applications. Our TQ Talent Insights™ empower managers to enable a better employee experience, including facilitating personalized learning experiences.

We've come along way, these past few years.

You did an amazing job of addressing your employees’ needs of safety, stability, and security during the COVID-19 crisis. However, those needs are evolving, calling for a more sophisticated approach as we all move forward. This presents an opportunity for companies to rethink the employee experience in ways that respect individual differences and provide the tools, insights and engagement we will all need for the future.

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