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Boost your employee experience.

Increase focus on your employees and decrease biased results with a modern approach to performance management. Agile goals, continuous feedback, check-ins, conversations, continuous performance management.

Easy to use, intuitive applications for every organization. Leverage the configurability of our software to meet you where you are with your processes, and help your managers and employees connect – integral components of the employee experience. Whether traditional or continuous performance management or a hybrid approach, TalentQuest can help.

Build a better way to work

Personalized Feedback Designed to Fit Your Team

Equip managers with useful tools that help them improve communications with employees. Built right into our application,

TalentQuest’s Writing Assistant provides comment suggestions which managers can adjust the tone, to more easily provide meaningful feedback.

Add TQ Talent Insights™ and managers gain a completely new level of understanding of their employees. Managers are provided with tips about the types of communication challenges they may face, and includes suggested adjustments they can make to ensure a more productive conversation.

Employees are also presented with tips to provide better responses.

Evaluate Multiple People at Once

Team Rating makes it easy for managers and leaders to more effectively review their team as a whole, and creates efficiencies as you can rate multiple individuals at once.

Configurable, Flexible Workflow

Comprehensive, highly flexible and configurable content and workflows designed to align with your specific HR processes.

Modern performance management in the real world

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