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Achieve peak performance with exceptional leadership development.

Organizational effectiveness depends heavily on the effectiveness of the leaders within those organizations. As such, it is critical to ensure that leaders are as strong as they can be as it relates to their own impacts as well as supporting the impact of others on their teams. When leaders are successful, employees and teams are engaged and productivity increases. At TalentQuest, we help you find the best approach and develop the skills your leaders need to achieve sustained high performance.

Let us help you develop your leaders

Executive coaching relies on a collaborative relationship between an executive and a coach. For the last 45 years, TalentQuest Ph.D.’s have helped multiple executives identify and successfully achieve their personal, professional and organizational goals. From coaching for skills, to professional development, to performance, to executive agendas and more, we provide feedback and guidance in “real-time” developing leaders for today and tomorrow.

Assessment and Data Collection

TalentQuest coaching engagements are anchored in data – about the individual, his or her leadership context, and the organization as a whole. With this data, we gain more clarity and focus as to the precise targets to pursue in the coaching engagement.

Alignment and Action

Our approach incorporates working with the Manager, Coachee, and Human Resources to ensure alignment around the stated goals, which ultimately clarifies “what success looks like” for the engagement.

Integration and Future Planning

As part of completing our coaching engagements, TalentQuest Ph.D.’s work with Coachee’s to integrate and internalize changes and progress made so as to continue to leverage that momentum ongoing.

Executive Team Development

Research shows that in the workplace today and tomorrow, the team holds the key to the company’s success. At TalentQuest, the primary goals of our team building and training programs are to help team leaders and team members understand the components of optimal team performance. As well, what they can do to facilitate the desired business performance and outcomes.

Customized Solutions

TalentQuest customizes our team building programs to your organization’s specific challenges and needs. We approach each session based on the audience and bring solutions for project teams, middle management, front line supervisors, and executive teams.

Team Effectiveness Matters

Our programs include teaching proven decision-making and problem-solving processes to use in improving team performance and effectiveness.

Varied Approaches

Through experiential and interactive activities, including simulation, assessments, feedback and discussion, participants improve skills in positively impacting work team functioning and performance.


Comprised of a team of skilled facilitators, TalentQuest conducts leadership retreats and executive off-site meetings to help develop and strengthen your team. We are a true partner working with your organization to understand your group’s unique needs, culture, and overall objectives. We then leverage this understanding with our background in facilitation, group dynamics, and broader management psychology to help the group, and ultimately your organization, achieve the stated objectives.

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