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TalentQuest Helps Organizations Build Trust and Resilience with the Launch of TQ Connect

ATLANTA, GA – December 2, 2020 – TalentQuest, a leading provider of talent management and learning solutions, announces the addition of TQ Connect to its SaaS platform. TQ Connect helps increase individual and organizational performance by building trust and transparency through two-way conversations and improved engagement through timely feedback and recognition.

With the sudden move to remote working, organizations have had to quickly employ a range of strategies to keep employees engaged and feel connected. In fact, a SHRM report revealed that 89% of HR leaders agreed that ongoing peer feedback and check-ins had a positive impact on their organizations.

“It’s never been more critical for people to feel a sense of connection in their communities and professional environment.” said Kevin Sessions, President and CRO at TalentQuest, “and it’s incumbent upon organizations to help build connections that help foster resiliency and support employees as they are balancing new external pressures with their existing work responsibilities. We see TQ Connect playing a role in supporting organizations and encouraging frequent and timely conversations.”

Check-Ins give managers a chance to check on how employees are doing both personally and professionally. TQ Connect enables employees and extended teams to schedule 1:1 meetings that can cover a multitude of topics. Integrated with Office 365 or G Suite calendars, these can be used for many types of meetings including formal performance or goal progress discussions or to replace casual ‘hallway conversations’ that no longer happen due to remote working. The interactive agenda feature allows employees, managers, mentors, or mentees to collaborate in advance to ensure that nothing is missed and that all voices have the opportunity to be heard. It even provides intelligent agenda suggestions to guide meaningful and productive conversations. The ability to pin important discussions means that managers can revisit meetings to make performance review preparation seamless and employees can review past conversations to quickly set measurable goals for the following year.

The act of offering and receiving feedback identifies blind spots and allows individuals to make positive changes. Adding recognition and being able to celebrate successes, big or small, not only motivates individuals to achieve more, but is also a fantastic mechanism to improve organizational performance. TQ Connect allows individuals to ask for or provide feedback and recognition and share it with anyone in the organization. With multiple feedback types and the ability to seek feedback from multiple people at a time, employees can quickly uncover and acknowledge performance gaps and formulate strategies to address them.

In turbulent times when the only constant is change, staying connected is no longer a nice-to-have. TQ Connect keeps the lines of communication open and allows organizations to build trust, transparency, and resilient organizations.

To learn more about how TalentQuest’s Talent Management platform makes employees feel included, engaged and valued, and explore the new features of TQ Connect, visit:

About TalentQuest

TalentQuest helps clients unleash the power of their people. Fueled by behavioral science, our innovative Talent Management and Learning software enable organizations to shift from a one-size-fits-all to an individualized approach to selecting, managing, developing and retaining their people. Finally, a Talent Management and Learning solution that understands people.

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