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Introducing Aristo: TalentQuest and Kotler Impact Join Forces to Revolutionize Corporate E-Learning

ATLANTA, GA – TalentQuest (TQ) and Kotler Impact (KI) today announced a joint venture that will revolutionize e-learning. The new entity will operate under the name “Aristo” and will combine KI’s unparalleled collection of video talks & presentations featuring world-renowned thought leaders, speakers, and authors with TQ’s industry-leading learning content creation capabilities. The resulting e-learning solution will be the first of its kind tailored to corporations, senior leaders, and academic institutions.

“We are thrilled to partner with Kotler Impact, which has built a reputation as a leader in executive education and thought leadership,” said Kevin Sessions, CEO of TalentQuest. “And we are excited to team up with TalentQuest, a company with a history of delivering innovative talent and learning solutions,” said Sadia Kibria, CEO of Kotler Impact.

Mahim Mishra, currently President of Learning Solutions at TalentQuest, will additionally assume the role of CEO of Aristo and Fahim Kibria, currently CMO of KI, will also become CMO of the joint venture. They stated “Together, we will leverage our extensive network of experts to create a truly unique e-learning solution that will help students and professionals gain ongoing knowledge and skill development. This learning and upskilling will be essential to stay ahead of the curve in their field.”

Dr. Philip Kotler, widely viewed as the “father of marketing”, supports the new venture. He stated: “Keep learning with Aristo – Never Stop!”.

The e-learning solution will feature a curated collection of videos, each accompanied by learning objectives and assessments. The e-learning solution is set to launch later this year, and will be available to corporations, senior leaders, and academic institutions worldwide.

About Kolter Impact (KI)

About Kotler Impact (KI)
KI drives the World Marketing Summit, a global platform for thought leadership and education. The company aims to empower individuals and organizations to create positive social impact and commercial success through education and thought leadership.

About TalentQuest

TalentQuest is an industry leading provider of assessment and performance development solutions with a mission to help organizations maximize the selection, growth, and development of their employees and teams. Fueled by behavioral science, the TQ talent and learning management platform helps organizations future proof their talent needs.

For more information, please contact: Mahim Mishra, CEO of Aristo – or Fahim Kibria, Chief Marketing Officer of Aristo –

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