Amplify Success by Taking Control of Your Learning

Zachary BettisAs the Global Talent Development Sales Coordinator, Zach is no stranger to improving individual performance. In his current role, he is the evangelist for TalentQuest’s learning content solutions. Previously, he has worked in the health and wellness industry. Zach holds a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management from Troy University.

The Value of Mentorship

Destiny Sessums & Melody HaskellDestiny & Melody are Jr. Product Owners at TalentQuest. Destiny joined TalentQuest in August 2020 and has a background in privacy and security software. Melody joined TQ in March 2021, with experience as a Business Analyst. Their responsibilities include writing requirements for enhancements and changes to TalentQuest’s Talent Management platform.

Data & Music: A Perfect Composition

Chad ConleyChad Conley joined the TalentQuest team in 2019 and serves as a Client Experience Advisor.  He specializes in data, and configuration.  Chad has an interest in implementation and project design assisting consultants in new client builds and department workflows.

Achieve Incredible Results by Maximizing Your Software Talent

“Teamwork makes the dream work” is a saying that gets thrown around a lot. But when you’re tasked with managing a small team, responsible for developing enterprise software, it has to operate like a well-oiled machine with each member firing on all cylinders. Hear how Brent Miller, the Director of Software Development at TalentQuest, uses behavioral science to see beyond the resume and select the best-fit candidates who will thrive on his high-performing team.

The Millennial-ization of the Workplace

Jon NaphinJon Naphin is a Vice President with TalentQuest. As a client advocate, he takes a lead role in directing TalentQuest’s activities within select client relationships. Prior to joining TalentQuest, Jon held management positions at General Motors, ADP and Peachtree Software. He is the founding Chairman of LaAmistad, an Atlanta-based non-profit providing tutoring and life-skills…

Recommendations for Increasing Product Adoption – and Raising Healthy Kids

How can you compare parenting success with increasing software user adoption? In both cases you need to understand that not everyone learns at the same rate and that you need to celebrate wins – big or small! Rachel Finglass, TalentQuest’s President of Global Talent Management, shares lessons learned in parenting and how they can apply to managing the successful adoption of enterprise software.

Enterprise UX Design: Tips to Overcome Complexity

Michael HarveyAs User Experience Architect at TalentQuest, Michael is responsible for leading interface design efforts while collaborating with product teams to enhance usability based on client and end-user feedback. His over 20 years of digital experience includes UI/UX design, creative direction, front-end development, and email marketing. Michael is a graduate of The Pratt Institute and…