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Build Passionate And Purpose-driven Workforce

Ikigai: Building a Passionate & Purpose-Driven Workforce

What is your reason to jump out of your bed each morning? Do you have an aching heart to create a life filled with purpose and significance? 

It is fascinating to contemplate that engaging in various hobbies or career paths could hold the key to discovering one’s purpose and finding meaning in both work and life. The pursuit of uncovering the purpose of existence and finding personal joy is a crucial aspect of the human journey, and Ikigai provides a means to embark on this path. I have been striving to incorporate Ikigai into my own life. 

The quest to uncover the purpose of existence, create personal joy is an essential aspect of the human journey, and IKIGAI offers a means to embark on this path.  

The mysterious word Ikigai  

The word ikigai refers to a person’s purpose for existing in its literal sense. Ikigai is a traditional Japanese way of thinking that many Japanese people hold dear. They use it as a compass for their outlook on life, considering their ikigai to be the source of happiness and the secret to a long life. Given the numerous positive benefits associated with Ikigai, it’s not surprising that various aspects of Western society have started embracing and integrating it into their own lives and work culture. 

Explore your ikigai 

I was a Software Engineer for 6 months and then I moved into a different career path because I was not able to find my passion and happiness in it. I did not know about ikigai then, I found out about it when I read the international bestseller ‘Ikigai – The Japanese secret to a Long and Happy life’ by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles. This book is a guide to help you throw yourself into your passion. 

Japanese ikigai is deeply focused on discovering the secret to a long and happy life. In western work culture, ikigai concept is infused to help people find their passion in their careers. It is also used to help people discover their ideal career paths. At its core, Ikigai consists of four major components that are applicable to both Japanese origins and the Western work environment: 

Do what you love

Find something you genuinely enjoy doing in the workplace. It does not matter what type of task it is, if it brings you happiness and excitement. 

Do what you are good at

Identifying your strengths is crucial for finding your Ikigai. Engaging in tasks that align with your abilities brings a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Do what you can be paid for

Discovering your Ikigai becomes easier when you combine doing what you love and excel at with earning a living. A constant source of income brings peace and well-being, enhancing your overall sense of purpose and satisfaction. 

Do what the world needs

Contributing to the needs of the world around you play a vital role in finding your Ikigai. Knowing that your work positively affects others and brings value creates a deeper sense of fulfillment, purpose, and belongingness. 

Too much work, not enough purpose 

Many employers often overlook the connection between their employees’ needs and the company’s goals. Assigning employees to work that does not align with their strengths leads to dissatisfaction and reduced productivity. 

When employees begin to perceive the significance of their work, it fosters their engagement, motivation, and aids in retention. Possessing a sense of purpose and a common objective enables employees to actively invest in their future and align their professional and personal aspirations. 

Create a work environment where employees’ abilities and needs are aligned with their tasks cultivates a greater sense of purpose. When employees do what they love, they excel at it. Moreover, recognizing employees’ strengths when delegating responsibilities improves their overall mental well-being. 

Aligning employees with their Ikigai fosters higher levels of engagement and dedication, driving the achievement of company goals. Creating purpose-driven workforce and focusing on employee development are crucial for leaders aiming to improve employee outlook and engagement. By tapping into their employees’ joy and passion, they can guide them towards achieving common goals. 

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