Design an employee experience.
Build productive teams.
Drive performance.

Put PEOPLE at the center of every talent management process.

A clear understanding of individualized behaviors and motivators will positively impact engagement and improve individual and organizational performance.

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Applying a blanket approach to engage and motivate employees assumes that each individual will respond positively to the same style.

Using behavioral science to gain visibility into work preferences and unique traits, managers can provide a personalized approach that keeps employees engaged and prevents regrettable attrition of their best and brightest.

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of employees would work harder if their efforts were recognized.


more employees would be further engaged with regular manager 1:1s.


of leaders believe succession planning is important.

(14% believe their companies do it well)

TalentQuest hyper-personalizes all aspects of employee management by providing personalized intelligence to inspire each individual and build effective teams.

Combining an individualized approach to performance management and goal setting; as well as creating a culture of continuous feedback and recognition, builds trust and ensures that every employee is motivated and invested to do their best work.​

Equipping managers and leaders with effective coaching and development opportunities provides organizations with the fuel needed to achieve high performance and sustained growth.

  • Foster empathy and build trust with meaningful feedback and open dialogue.

  • Ensure every employee is invested in their work by connecting goals and learning to performance.

  • Allow each individual to achieve their full potential through personalized coaching for growth and development.

  • Ensure long-term success of the organization by building a healthy leadership pipeline.


TalentQuest helps managers improve employee engagement

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Improve your employee experience. Promote productive teams. Drive real performance.