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Engage learners.
Connect learning and performance.
Develop leaders of the future.

Create learner-centric experiences for every employee.

Create learning experiences that engage and inspire all learners, develop great leaders and connect learning to performance to improve individual outcomes and increase organizational effectiveness.

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Organizations struggle to balance compliance and completions with delivering learner-focused experiences that tie learning to goals and performance.

All the while, needing to upskill and reskill their employees.

  • Motivate employees by connecting learning to opportunities and growth
  • Surface employees with specific skills for new opportunities
  • Identify and coach future leaders
Discover the future leaders on your team

Future-proof your teams

of employees who stay with employers over five years credit education and training
of employees do not have the required skills for their current and future roles
of executives believe strengthening leadership is a top priority

Learning and development is a life-long journey that is unique to every individual.

Whether an employee is new to an organization and needs to onboard quickly to become proficient, upskill, reskill or develop leadership skills for future growth, TalentQuest meets learners where they are.

TalentQuest provides learning experiences that are connected, personalized, timely and engaging. It sets both individual contributors and leaders up for success and positively impacts organizational performance.

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