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Select the right person
for the right position.

Apply behavioral science to see beyond the resume and select the best candidate.

Differentiate job candidates and get a complete picture of the traits and behaviors they bring to the position to ensure they fit the corporate culture and will be motivated, loyal, and high performing employees for years to come.

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Hiring is costly and every open job requisition is the most important job you need to fill at that moment.

By focusing solely on what a candidate shares on a resume or volunteers during an interview, companies are only seeing a fraction of what they bring to the position.

  • Surface candidates with specific traits that reflect the organization’s values
  • Remove bias during candidate selection
  • Improve retention by ensuring their behaviors are aligned with competencies for the position
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Why it matters!

Annual Salary
Cost of losing an employee
Average cost of hire in the US
of HR leaders consider retention a high priority

In every organization, it’s the people who make the difference.

By applying behavioral science to the selection process, recruiters or managers get a clear understanding of the behaviors that can positively or negatively impact a candidate’s ability to perform on the job. Identifying specific traits can also provide an early indication of whether the candidate will be a good fit in the organization. Once hired, behavioral data provides a baseline of information to personalize the onboarding process, adapt learning styles, communication preferences and, ultimately, career progression.

*TQ Behavioral Assessments integrate with most Application Tracking Systems (ATS).

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