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Inspire growth. Fuel development.
Transform learning.

Designing learning that is relevant for every person and every organization fuels understanding of the world and supports growth and development.

Relevance to the audience

in context, delivered at the right time

Unique value and variety

tell me something I don’t know and keep it current

Exceptional user experience

make it interesting and engaging

Connection to skills and competencies

and be easy to find and consume

Innovative Learning Content Experiences

Because you have learning requirements that are uniquely yours, TalentQuest delivers exclusive learning experiences that reflect your organization’s vision, deepen knowledge, and engage learners.

TalentQuest’s award-winning Instructional Designers and 3D Modelers are experts in creating learning content across a broad spectrum of modalities including: Instructor Led Training (ILT); eLearningVR training & learning (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality); or a blended training approach.

Content Collections

Leverage a broad mix of off-the-shelf micro-learning topics and curated eLearning collections to fill skills gaps, sharpen existing skills, and address challenges in the new world of work for anyone in your organization.

Based on proven instructional design principles, TalentQuest has created and extensive library of courses, each delivered in 15 minutes or less, using scenario-based microlearning that primes the learner for behavior change. These courses are also mapped to the traits, competencies and skills captured in TQ assessments360’s and performance management for just-in-time learning.

Leadership Development

High performing organizations are built by strong leaders, so it is critical that you have an effective leadership development program in place.

TalentQuest’s Ph.D.s have helped organizations successfully identify, coach, and prepare future and current leaders with a varied approach of experiential and interactive activities, including simulationassessmentsfeedback and discussion.

Learning Management

Organizations need to be able to deliver continuous and meaningful learning, manage the application of individual skills, and address and track workplace compliance.

TalentQuest has a full-featured, integrated learning management system that allows learners to easily find, create plans aligned to performance objectives, and acquire the knowledge they need to be effective in their job today and for the future.

Network of Leading Content Partners

Every organization has specialized content needs that address specific industry imperatives, applications or regulatory requirements.

TalentQuest connects you to the content you need through a growing network of world-leading content providers who are the very best at delivering the content you need to address your specialized requirements.

Awards & Recognitions
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