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Introducing TQ Team Builder™: TalentQuest’s latest innovation helps organizations build high-functioning teams.


TalentQuest brings a new level of accuracy and efficiency to the employee selection process – this time for teams.

With TQ Team Builder™, organizations and leaders get the tool they need to help them more quickly, and easily, build and develop better teams. Foresee how team members will interact and work together; simulate how candidates or employees will affect the current team; model succession scenarios or employee attrition. You can even simulate the dynamics of a new team.

“This is another first for TalentQuest and more importantly, a revolutionary solution in the talent management market,” said Frank Merritt, CEO at TalentQuest. “We continue to help our clients be more successful, this time by leveraging our technology and understanding of people to build effective teams.”

By combining behavioral science and talent management together with predictive analytics and prescriptive guidance, TQ Team Builder™ provides TQ Talent Insights™ that help organizations more efficiently evaluate and select team members. HR and managers can simply select individuals, run them through the software’s predictive analytics, and then examine the results.

“In today’s highly competitive and global talent market, organizations need to remember that it is people that are at the center of talent processes,” said Kevin Sessions, President & CRO at TalentQuest. “As a result, talent management solutions need to move beyond automation and into the realm of providing decision support based on deep insights about each employee and how teams behave.”

Pricing & Availability

The TQ Team Builder™ feature is currently available and included within the TalentQuest Talent Management platform. To learn more, visit us here.

About TalentQuest

TalentQuest has a 45-year history of helping our clients unleash the power of their people. Fueled by behavioral science and our proprietary Talent Insights™, our innovative Talent Management and Development solutions enable organizations to shift from a one-size-fits-all to an individualized approach to talent management and development.

For additional information, visit, follow us on Twitter (@TalentQuest), or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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