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Many of us have made adjustments, and within which intentional management is encouraged in order to most effectively navigate through it.

In this 5-minute Podcast, listen as Jody Bradham, Psy.D., Executive Director of Consulting Services at TalentQuest, offers his advice.

Workforce demands are shifting with new hybrid-remote work models emerging. Companies need to be looking at their talent strategies, and in turn the people needed to manage these work models.

Join Jody Bradham, Psy.D. in this 3 minute podcast as he discusses the value of personality data, and how it can better inform and guide decision making.

For recruiting teams and hiring managers, do you know how to really look at, identify, and understand the candidate, or the new hire you are onboarding?

Behavioral Assessments – an effective tool for predicting success on the job.

Or how to determine the impact a new individual may have when joining your remote team?

TQ Team Builder – leverages assessment insights and provides the ability to simulate team impact and performance.

If you can’t bring an executive in for your assessment or interview, how do you get the robust understanding of their motivations, interpersonal orientation, and general strengths and weaknesses?

Remote Executive Assessments – uses a video conferencing platform, so we can bring this process to you.

For management, do you know how to relate to your employees? Or, how to communicate efficiently and effectively?

TQ Talent Insights provide powerful employee and team intelligence, and coaching tips, making it easier for managers to communicate more effectively and focus relevant learning.

For employees, how do you stay “connected” with your manager?

TQ Connect reinforce a model of ongoing dialogue and enable more frequent conversations between managers and employees.

With business objectives and priorities changing, so too are there changes for employees. Expectations are being reset. Priorities are being realigned. New objectives are being established.

TQ Performance Management is a modern solution that increases focus on your employees and decreases biased results. Agile goals, continuous feedback, check-ins, conversations, continuous performance management (CPM).

Download our CPM checklist.

New hybrid or remote work situations require soft skills. How can you develop those soft leadership skills?

TQ Leadership Series provides content that can help you build the expertise and skills you need. It is a series of courses designed to help managers acquire the skills they need to guide, inspire, and motivate their teams.

Try some. Our currently includes 7 courses.

Ensure courses and learning paths are assigned to employees (and managers) at the right time, for the right work.

Use a Learning Management System (LMS) to recommend courses to managers, and as well to equip them with the ability to set individualized learning plans for employee training and growth.


Convert more traditional classroom or instructor led training to a better method, for remote work environments – eLearning, blended, virtual, or other.

Learning Solutions that provide design sense, feature enrichment, and innovative technology can transform your learning into a memorable experience.

Convert content and create compelling learning experiences designed to help your employees continue to acquire the skills they need – anytime, anywhere.