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TQ Behavioral Assessments

Behavioral Assessments are Your Complete Development and Selection Solution

Behavioral Assessments can improve the quality of hiring while maintaining legal compliance and reducing time to fill positions. By modeling your peak performers, and creating customized selection standards, you’re able to provide objective evaluations that can help predict a candidate’s likelihood of success in your organization. Our Behavioral Assessment software is your complete development and selection solution, from comprehensive assessments to detailed reporting.


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Key Features

  • Measure a candidate's core personality traits and cognitive ability.
  • Compare candidates against multiple benchmark profiles at one time.
  • Available in over twelve languages.
  • Ability to be seamlessly integrated with your applicant tracking system.
  • Identify the potential strengths and limitations of each candidate.
  • Receive targeted behaviorally-based interview guide to probe potential limitations.
  • Proprietary Similarity Index that describes the candidate's fit to the benchmark profile.
  • Graphical presentation of a candidate's traits versus those of the benchmark profile.


  • Measure a candidate's core personality traits and cognitive ability.
  • Objectively evaluate a candidate's fit for the position and the organization.
  • Create job specific benchmark profiles to identify the specific traits and characteristics that are necessary for success in a given position.
  • Reduce cost of hire and time to hire.
  • Improve performance and decrease turnover.
  • More efficient and effective interview process.

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