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Get the right people in the right positions.

In any business, it’s the people that make the difference. Selecting the right talent and optimizing their contribution to the organization is critical to ensuring that you have the strength to be successful in the long run. At TalentQuest, our BEHAVIORAL ASSESSMENTS provide accurate and unique individual insights that you can use to hire the right people, determine development needs, enhance team effectiveness, and improve overall organizational performance.

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Streamline Your Time to Hire

Use TQ Assessments to facilitate an efficient and effective evaluation of both internal and external candidates, and get immediate access to automated assessment reports.

Accurately Predict Performance

Free from any bias or adverse impacts, the predictive validity of our assessment is well researched, proven, and includes a very successful benchmark profiling process.

Fuel Talent Insights

Leveraging TQ Behavioral Assessments, organizations can personalize every talent process using behavioral data – and make every connection count.  With the power of Talent Insights, managers can become more effective coaches; every employee can bring the best version of themselves to work every day; and teams will excel because they are designed with employees who complement each other.

Targeted Interview Guides

Behavioral-based interview questions are automatically generated helping recruiters and hiring managers to further explore and probe potential limitations.

Scientifically Proven and Validated

The TalentQuest Behavioral Assessment is a validated 16-factor personality trait and cognitive ability assessment. It is based on Cattrell’s 16PF®, a well-validated, extensively researched theory of psychology that has been used extensively for employment selection decisions for over 75 years.

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