Assessment Solutions

Assessment Solutions

Obtain a robust understanding of your leadership potential

TalentQuest's Assessments consist of a series of comprehensive interviews to assess past behaviors and business decisions. Interviews include a detailed examination of the candidate's education and work history, as well as an analysis of their influences and mentors, their self view as shown by their awareness of strengths and limitations, and their desired career path. Focus on your candidate's personality and their cultural fit with other members of your team.

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Finding and hiring the ideal job candidate for your company’s senior levels and C-suite is critically important to the overall success of your business.

TalentQuest's Remote Executive Assessments increase efficiencies and add flexibility, so that you can more effectively address and support your hiring needs. With our unique process, we leverage online behavioral assessments and video conferencing technology to successfully engage candidates, virtually anywhere.

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Key Insights

  • Close examination of the success factors relevant to the specified position by trained organizational psychologists.
  • The best and latest in personality testing tools, including our own TalentQuest Assessment Inventory.
  • Use of formal and well-designed behaviorally-based interview protocols.
  • Developmentally focused, written assessment reports with suggestions and recommendations.
  • Timely and comprehensive feedback to the hiring manager, HR personnel, and other key individuals critical to the candidate's success.


  • Address succession management concerns.
  • Make critical hiring and promotion decisions.
  • Facilitate ongoing leadership development.
  • Retain key executives.
  • Ensure proper diversity within the workplace.