TQ Goals

Give Employees Clear Direction and Accountability by Using Measurable Goals

Our Goals module is a key tool in the critical step of goal alignment. Take the necessary steps to define performance standards such as measurable goals so employees have clear direction and accountability. Whether your goals relate to revenue targets, production targets or other performance indicators, our goal management software and consulting brings goal alignment into focus for your people and your organization.

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Key Features

  • Configurable workflow for goal setting and goal approval.
  • Allow managers to apply differential weighting to goals.
  • Allow employees to add activities, accomplishments and updates to goal progress through the year.
  • Create both performance and developmentally based goals.
  • Cascade goals throughout the organization.
  • Monitor goal achievement throughout the year.


  • Improve accountability though goal alignment and awareness.
  • Align, cascade and effectively communicate overarching organizational goals.
  • >Ensure business units' goals are aligned to organizational goals.
  • Allow managers and/or employees to set both performance and developmental goals.
  • Track progress towards goals at the corporate, department or individual level.

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