TQ Compensation

Consistently Correlate Pay with Performance for Comprehensive Compensation Management

The Compensation module offers your organization the ability to ultimately integrate all talent management functions. Align pay with performance and consistently communicate organizational compensation guidelines while ensuring timely compensation recommendations. We provide the tools to clearly correlate performance with pay.


Key Features

  • Off-cycle compensation planning features to accommodate promotions, anniversary compensations etc.
  • Global support with currency conversion capability.
  • Flexible budget modeling with easy merit matrix construction translates to built-in intelligence that guides merit increase decisions.
  • Custom selection of planning worksheet columns and real-time analytics to display on allocator and approver screens.
  • Multi-level, as well as conditional approvals, with a separate calibration stage and real-time analytics on allocator, approver and calibrator screens.
  • Electronic salary letters.


  • Completely configurable compensation review process and workflow.
  • Powerful reporting and dashboard tools to support decision making.
  • Track and measure total compensation increases by manager.
  • Consistently correlate pay with performance.
  • Enable managers to enter compensation increases for all reports at one time, as a dollar increase or a percentage.
  • Identify discrepancies in pay.

Compensation Video