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Transforming the way how Nestle learns : TalentQuest's customized training program
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The Quest for Engaging Training Program: Nestle’s Journey to Interactive eLearning

Renowned worldwide for its high-quality products, Nestle faced a critical challenge: its outdated training modules no longer met the needs of its employees. In order to keep them informed and up-to-date, Nestle required a fresh approach to training.

The existing training program relied heavily on Instructor-Led Training (ILT), PowerPoint slides, and online courses, lacking the necessary engagement and creativity to captivate learners. ILT courses consisted of introductory PowerPoint presentations featuring pictures, diagrams, and text. However, the global nature of Nestle’s operations meant that trainers had to travel extensively, incurring significant costs, consuming valuable time, and impacting the trainers’ well-being.

Language barriers further complicated matters, potentially hindering clear communication between trainers and learners, and impeding the learners’ ability to fully comprehend the course content and raise questions.

Considering Nestle’s diverse business interests and the growing shift to online sales via platforms like Amazon, it became evident that their existing training approach was outdated, lacked interactivity, and failed to address the challenges at hand. Recognizing the importance of effectiveness and efficiency, we undertook the task of devising a solution that would effectively engage employees across the globe, while addressing language barriers and the need for comprehensive training

At TalentQuest, we’re committed to transforming how organizations develop their employees. When Nestle faced training program challenges, we stepped in. Our team used technology to revamp Nestle’s ILT courses. Through a thorough Needs Analysis, we understood Nestle’s eLearning requirements and filled gaps in their training. Working closely with Nestle’s experts, we created over 150 tailored eLearning modules covering their various segments.

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From Outdated to Engaging: TalentQuest’s Transformation of Nestle’s Employee Training

We ensured our courses were compatible with all devices and accessible in multiple languages, promoting ease of use and understanding for learners. By incorporating interactive elements and captivating visuals, we enhanced engagement for both trainers and learners. Recognizing Nestle’s venture into the online realm, we went the extra mile, implementing gamification and simulations to create an enjoyable and educational online experience.

Interactive elearning

At TalentQuest, we take pride in our personalized approach to solving challenges.

In Project 1- Role of Optifast, we developed e-Learning modules for Nestle, leveraging image and text-based animation, 2D/3D animation, interactivity, and simulations. Our aim was to create an effective course, so we incorporated quizzes, interactive exercises, and applied educational theories like Bloom’s theory, cognitive learning theory, and Merrill’s principles. By adding high-impact audio and an intuitive user interface reflecting Nestle branding, we ensured an engaging [earning experience that improved Learners’ retention of the subject matter.

In Project 2 – Nestle EBiz Academy, we transformed Nestle’s existing PowerPoint training materials into a vibrant e-Learning curriculum. We began by creating a comprehensive storyboard and then enhanced the content by incorporating graphics, animations, 3D models, and interactive elements. This resulted in the development of 40 captivating e-Learning modules tailored to the Global eBusiness curriculum. Our approach was focused on delivering an immersive and informative learning journey that aligned with Nestle’s specific objectives. Through our targeted approach in both projects, we aimed to provide Nestle with engaging and effective e-Learning solutions that enabled their employees to acquire knowledge, enhance skills, and achieve optimal performance.

Further, to ensure effective communication and consistency across Nestle’s global workforce, we translated the eLearning modules into multiple languages. The translated versions included Spanish, Portuguese (BR and PT), French, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, German, Hungarian, Russian, English (US and UK), and Arabic. This comprehensive approach enabled Nestle to effectively deliver essential information to all employees worldwide, regardless of their location or native language. Our new eLearning courses combine gamification and interactive simulations, offering an immersive and entertaining learning journey.


Driving Engagement and Productivity: TalentQuest’s Multilingual and Self Paced eLearning Solution for Nestle

TalentQuest’s team accomplished a remarkable transformation of Nestle’s training program through their cutting-edge eLearning solutions. The impact was astounding: Nestle’s employees became engaged, motivated, and enthusiastic learners, resulting in enhanced productivity, improved performance, and heightened overall job satisfaction.

TalentQuest’s state-of-the-art eLearning modules empowered Nestle’s workforce to learn at their own pace and convenience. These interactive and customized courses catered to the diverse needs of Nestle’s business. Accessible on various devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles, the courses ensured global accessibility and user-friendliness.

Language barriers that once impeded effective communication and comprehension between trainers and learners were now overcome. Nestle’s employees could access the courses in multiple languages, enabling them to learn and understand the content in a manner that suited them best.

Furthermore, Nestle’s successful transition to online sales was facilitated by TalentQuest’s eLearning solutions. Employees gained the knowledge and skills required to thrive in this evolving business landscape, enabling Nestle to maintain a competitive edge.

The outcome was a comprehensive revamp of Nestle’s training program, resulting in heightened engagement, increased productivity, and improved retention of knowledge. TalentQuest’s innovative approach propelled Nestle to become a leader in the online sphere and adeptly adapt to the ever-changing times.

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