Learning Management System

TQ Learning Management System

Manage Your Employees' Development and Training Needs with TQ’s Learning Management System


Take advantage of TQ’s learning management system which delivers all types of content, including interactive and immersive learning media, to gain unprecedented abilities to manage your employees’ development and training needs. Increase participation in learning activities by utilizing mobile accessibility to TQ’s learning management system which lets participants access their courses when most convenient for them. Functions as a module within the TQ Talent Management System with pending training activities and completed accreditations displayed on users’ home screens.

Gamification functionality lets you create contests for your employees with goals, leaderboards and badge awards. The badges can be manually or automatically awarded to learners, with flexibility as to how and when you choose to award the badges. You can use your own customized badge images or choose from a selection of default badge images, and learners can always view the badges they’ve earned. Social collaboration forums enable employees to create discussion groups and blogs for specific courses or learning plans that include the ability to rate postings and conduct keyword searches.

Key Features

  • Stable support for all types of content, including immersive and interactive learning media such as virtual reality, 3D simulations, gamification and augmented reality.
  • Ability to set learning plans and curricula for individualized professional training and growth.
  • Instant access to course catalogs and libraries with easy enrollment and transcript features.
  • Customized corporate branding to support clients’ internal culture and company branding protocols.
  • Course catalogs that can be roll-based or universally accessible, and searchable via keywords or other identifiers.
  • Built in assessment/survey tool with comprehensive tracking and scoring capabilities.
  • Calendar syncing with learner’s training schedule.
  • Supports multiple accreditation requirements for all positions, job types and teams.
  • Online forum for learners to submit course-related questions.



  • Improve employee productivity, increase efficiencies and heighten employee engagement and loyalty.
  • The ability to access TQ’s award-winning immersive learning capabilities that can deliver highly customized and engaging content delivered in a risk-free environment.
  • TQ LMS is an integrated module within the TQ Talent Management System which allows viewing of pending training activities and completed accreditations to be displayed on users’ home screens.
  • TQ Performance and TQ 360 module reports automatically link to recommended resources in the TQ LMS.
  • Integration with other HR, web conferencing and business systems to provide seamless transparency, reporting and accountability.
  • Instant accessibility 24/7/365, including responsive usability on any mobile device, which increases program participation.
  • Automates compliance reporting and accountability for regulatory bodies (e.g., FDA, OSHA).

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