360 Surveys

TQ 360 Surveys

Get a Full-Circle View of Employee Development with 360 Surveys

The 360 Surveys module provides a comprehensive, multi-perspective evaluation of an individual's performance, primarily for developmental purposes. 360 Surveys have been linked to improved revenues, productivity, and ROI. With 360 Certification and Peak Performance training also available, TalentQuest offers a truly full-circle view of employee development.


Key Features

  • Highly configurable workflow and form design for 360 Reviews.
  • Create custom 360s using your competencies or use one of our research based 360s – Executive 360, Manager 360, Influence 360, Virtual Team 360, Flexible Leader 360.
  • Automated notifications and reminders.
  • Unlimited number of rater groups and raters.
  • Multiple options for nominating and approving raters.
  • Rate multiple people at one time.
  • Launch 360s on a “one-off” basis or through a “batch” process.
  • Use a traditional rating scale or a behaviorally anchored ratings scale (BARS).
  • Over 22 standard individual reporting sections.
  • On demand aggregate reporting capabilities.


  • Improved self-awareness through anonymous feedback from colleagues - managers, peers, direct reports, etc.
  • Greater understanding of strengths and limitations based on feedback from multiple rater groups.
  • Map training resources to competencies, identify targeted competencies and behavior development.
  • Feedback can be utilized in individual development planning or as part of a broader talent management process.

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