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Tools for Effective Continuous Performance Management

In this new world of Talent Management, it’s become increasingly important to focus on improving your employee experience and creating a work environment that fosters a stronger culture of teamwork. Continuous Performance Management can definitely help, but you need the right tools to do it effectively. Tools designed to provide alignment and collaboration for the many “moments that matter” in the workplace.

...has been shown to improve performance of employees by up to
(Source: Gartner)

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Take for example, CHECK-INs...

What is a check-in?

A series of more frequent meetings and conversations between an employee and their manager to discuss:

Progress against current goals, tasks, and action items

Individual development

Priorities, issues, or concerns

Strengths, interests, and ambitions

Any new action items, tasks, or goals that need to be added or modified

Using Check-ins

There are many use cases for more regular conversations throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Here are a few specific Check-In Meetings to consider.

of employees would prefer their manager gives them feedback and development opportunities, and...
would prefer at least quarterly check-ins with their manager.

(Source: Growth Divide Study)

Get to know your employees better, learn what they’re trying to accomplish, and how you can help them succeed.

Provide opportunities for employees to give upward feedback – how managers can improve.

Measure progress and assess the individual’s role and comfort to ensure a smooth onboarding experience.

Deliver more immediate feedback throughout the year.

Provide an opportunity to better understand the career interests and desires of each employee, and how to best support them.

Keep current on project updates and action items.

Stay connected with each employee’s satisfaction with the company, their role, and you as a manager.

Establish and update relevant learning for every employee on your team.

Provide updates on the development of possible successors.

Gather valuable feedback.

Pro Tips & Best Practices

Check-In and connect with team members at least once a week to identify tasks and action items that will help in accomplishing goals and pushing the business forward.

Schedule regular and consistent Check-Ins to ensure that feedback is provided in a timely manner and that expectations are aligned.

Discuss with the employee how you both plan to capture highlights from your ongoing performance and growth Check-In’s. The new Check-Ins feature in the TalentQuest Talent Management system is a practical way to do this.

Ensure goals stay aligned and relevant by scheduling quarterly goal Check-Ins. Use this time to discuss progress, to readjust goals, and create new goals.

Use Check-Ins to review skill development in addition to business goals.

Remember that Check-Ins should be a conversation that includes input from the employee about how they perceive their performance, progress, or impact.

Communicate and Check-In frequently with the employee’s critical stakeholders to seek helpful feedback that can be shared with the employee during your Check-Ins with them.

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