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Gain Competitive Edge with Performance-based Development

In today’s fast-growing workforce, employers are under pressure to hire people quickly who compliment their teams and align with the organization’s culture and needs. But what happens after the hire? How can managers develop their teams in a way that supports individual career paths, speaks to each person’s strengths and limitations, and aligns with the overall organizational talent plan?

Join OpenSesame and TalentQuest as we explore how to get ahead with performance-based development. By infusing behavioral data into the development process, managers can create custom learning paths to grow and retain high-potential employees. With a personalized approach to leading and coaching their teams, you can reach goals of improving individual, team, and organizational performance.


Kevin Sessions , Chief Executive Officer TalentQuest
Kevin Sessions
Chief Executive Officer at TalentQuest
Matt Bradley
Matt Bradley
Senior L&D Advisor at OpenSesame

Transform Talent Management with Behavioral Science

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