Smarter. More Effective Talent Management.

TQ Behavioral

Objectively evaluate candidates and take the guesswork out of hiring.

TQ Talent Insights™

No one else measures and integrates soft skills like we do. Use TQ Talent Insights™ to show managers how to be better coaches, build a sense of connection, and facilitate a better employee experience.

TQ Recruit

Organize your hiring process, and more effectively manage your applicants.

TQ Performance Management

Simplify your review process with a modern approach that incorporates continuous feedback, meaningful conversations, and development coaching – for individuals, and teams.

TQ Connect

Reinforce the new norm of continuous feedback and collaboration with more frequent conversations, embedded right into the flow of work.

TQ Compensation

Maintain employee satisfaction, reward and encourage peak performance, optimize salary budgets, and overall manage your organization’s compensation as part of your talent process.

TQ 360° Surveys

Leverage 360° feedback to improve self-awareness, gain a greater understanding of strengths and limitations, and build a more targeted development plan.

TQ Succession Planning

Build employees’ capabilities and relationships with managers and increase engagement.

TQ Learning Management System (LMS)

Easily facilitate daily learning and development plans, with a modern platform focused on delivering a quality experience that best meets your employee’s individual needs.

TQ Leadership Series

Introduce self-paced, on demand, leadership development micro-learning courses – designed to teach managers critical leadership skills, techniques and approaches.

Tools designed to help managers manage and employees grow.