Taking time off

I Suck at Taking Time Off (and 5 Ways I Fixed It)

Seth MohsAs TalentQuest’s Director of Digital Marketing, Seth does more than post blogs and run our social accounts. With more than 20 years of digital marketing experience, he’s obsessed with innovating new ways of connecting with our audience that’s absurdly effective. Seth has a diverse background in business, product management, technology and marketing operations. talentquest.com

Do You Suffer From FONO?

Jane FarquharJane Farquhar is the Director of Product Marketing at TalentQuest where she develops the go-to-market strategy for their talent management and learning solutions. Jane is a seasoned marketing professional whose career in the analytics and talent management technology space spans over 25 years.  She has held a wide range of field-facing and product marketing…

The Value of Mentorship

Destiny Sessums & Melody HaskellDestiny & Melody are Jr. Product Owners at TalentQuest. Destiny joined TalentQuest in August 2020 and has a background in privacy and security software. Melody joined TQ in March 2021, with experience as a Business Analyst. Their responsibilities include writing requirements for enhancements and changes to TalentQuest’s Talent Management platform.

Data & Music: A Perfect Composition

Chad ConleyChad Conley joined the TalentQuest team in 2019 and serves as a Client Experience Advisor.  He specializes in data, and configuration.  Chad has an interest in implementation and project design assisting consultants in new client builds and department workflows.

Achieve Incredible Results by Maximizing Your Software Talent

“Teamwork makes the dream work” is a saying that gets thrown around a lot. But when you’re tasked with managing a small team, responsible for developing enterprise software, it has to operate like a well-oiled machine with each member firing on all cylinders. Hear how Brent Miller, the Director of Software Development at TalentQuest, uses behavioral science to see beyond the resume and select the best-fit candidates who will thrive on his high-performing team.