The Sky is The Limit

by Mike Mathews

The concept of immersive learning can conjure up many different ideas, thoughts, and imaginations.  On one hand, this can be frustrating for people who believe that one style of teaching and learning is the ‘ideal’ method of learning. On the other hand, for creative and innovative people, the learning opportunities only gets better when the sky-is- the-limit.

Augmented and virtual reality provide teaching and learning a fresh out-of-the-box approach to the levels that a learner can be immersed into a learning experience. In fact, the levels of immersion can be reversed in a fresh new way. A reversal of an immersive experience can be viewed as a bi-modal method of immersive learning; which quickly personalizes learning experiences.

What does ‘reversed or bi-modal immersive experiences actually mean?  Using augmented and virtual reality a learner can be deeply immersed into a learning environment. However, the opposite is also true — the learning object or environment can be deeply immersed into the human experience. Below is an example of both types of immersion.

Immersive learning where the learner is immersed into the learning environment

Imagine a fire fighter being instantaneously engaged in an immersive real-life experience, yet learning at the same time. The video below shows how fire-fighters leverage augmented reality to instantly learn the surroundings of their smoke filled environments that they are immersed into. I can think of no better way to provide side-by-side learning with real life experiences. This takes ‘on-the-job-training’ to a whole new level.

Immersive learning where the learner is immersed into the learning environment

Imagine having the luxury and privilege as a learner to bring millions of animated learning objects out of their environment into your human senses.  Below is a short video of myself pulling out one of thousands of animated objects into my space.

As you can see from the two examples, the sky truly is the limit when imagining what immersive learning may be for learning experiences. To meet your education and corporate needs  TalentQuest is able to design and deliver the immersive learning experiences for your needs and dreams.

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