A Starter Kit for Augmented and Virtual Reality

August 8, 2017Virtual Reality

by Mike Mathews This past week I finished speaking at two large conferences on the impact that Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) are having in education and corporate training. At the end of both sessions, the top two questions remained the same. 1. How do we get started in AVR, and 2) How much money … Read More

Being Creative with the Bi-Modal Aspect of Immersive Learning

July 19, 2017Virtual Reality

The Sky is The Limit by Mike Mathews The concept of immersive learning can conjure up many different ideas, thoughts, and imaginations.  On one hand, this can be frustrating for people who believe that one style of teaching and learning is the ‘ideal’ method of learning. On the other hand, for creative and innovative people, … Read More

The Olympics of Virtual Reality – 2020

July 11, 2017Virtual Reality

Keep Your Virtual Eyes on Tokyo Michael L. Mathews As the world is enthralled with all the facts, fiction, and hype of augmented and virtual reality, we should pay close attention and set our virtual eyes on Tokyo, Japan – the host city to the 2020 Olympics. As we reflect back on the major impact … Read More

Augmented and Virtual Reality at the Center of Disruption

June 28, 2017Virtual Reality

Designing to the Mind’s Eye by Mike Mathews As a CIO and Innovator, I have been requested by numerous organizational stakeholders to leverage many of the ‘rave’ technologies such as AI, IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality over the past three years.  We have been extremely successful with pieces of these … Read More

The Quantum Entanglement Effect

June 21, 2017Virtual Reality

Mixing Talent Management with Immersive Learning by Mike Mathews In 1986 I was part of a team of ten engineers installing a Cray Research Supercomputer (Cray X-MP 48) at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado. Below is a picture of myself at NCAR and the archived November, 1986 NCAR Newsletter describing … Read More