TQ Talent Insights

TQ Talent Insights

Help Managers Give Employees Highly Effective and Meaningful Feedback

TQ Talent Insights,™ an industry-first innovation, layers behavioral information and insights throughout the talent management lifecycle to help managers give employees highly effective and meaningful feedback, coaching and communications. Built on the foundation of our proprietary and proven personality assessment, these powerful talent intelligence tips provide managers valuable insight to their direct reports.

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Key Features

  • TQ Talent Insights are accessible to managers with one click via a lightbulb icon.
  • Potential challenges to feedback receptivity are provided based on the individual’s personality preferences.
  • Suggestions are provided to managers for communication adjustments to help deliver the most effective feedback.
  • Guidance is provided to help employees identify job roles in which they would most likely succeed and find satisfaction.
  • Key assets can be viewed by managers in employee profiles indicating how these assets can be best leveraged.


  • Deliver more effective and meaningful performance feedback.
  • Gain more engaged and productive employees.
  • Motivate and coach employees on a day-to-day basis.
  • Inspire teams to achieve goals.
  • Focus employees on roles and career paths for which they are best suited.
  • Increase employee job satisfaction.

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